Wise Words includes a bunch of icons, courtesy of PremiumPixels.com, Prekesh Chavda and Glyphicons.com

Social Icons


Wisewords includes the full pro version of Glyphicons (see License note). The following 420 icons are available as .png, .svg and @font-face versions.

Glyphicons Halflings

In addition to the full blown icons, Wise Words also includes this set of 160 Glyhpicons Halflings.

White Glyphicons

The Glyphicons are also available in white, for dark backgrounds. Simply apply the class .white to an icon element. You can also use them in conjunction with buttons. In this case, apply the class .button-icon to the button for correct padding.

Glyphicons License

Note: You may only use the Glyphicons in together with Wise Words. If you like them and want to use them for your own product (i.e. your own template, your iPhone app or another website) you will have to buy your own license. More info