This is a cakefile template for coffeescript, docco and mocha

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Cakefile Template

If you write a lot of coffeescript and get tired of setting up your build, watch and spec tasks, grab this Cakefile and put it in your project.


# In your project directory...
curl >> Cakefile
## If that does not work... try
curl >> Cakefile



Put all of your coffee-script in the src folder, it will compile all coffee-script in your lib folder, using the build command.

cake build


If you want to compile as you write your code, invoke the watch command.

cake watch


If you want to run your tests, assuming you are using mocha.

cake test


cake docs


If you want to generate HTML5 maps when compiling (watching), add 'm' before compile or watch:

cake -m compile

clean will also take care of mapping files.

More information about mapping can be found on HTML5rocks or

Have Fun!